Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill Review

Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill Review

There have been arguments on which type of grill is better. Both the charcoal and the gas grills have their own benefits but the most important advantages the gas grill have over the charcoal grills are; cost-effectiveness in the long run and convenience. The Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill is one appliance that offers not only cost-effectiveness and convenience but many other benefits which we will be discussing in detail in this article.


Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas GrillThis grill is made from shiny 304 stainless steel which assures that the appliance lasts for a long time. It has a maximum of 74,000 BTU gas burners. The burners are six in number; with the main burners having 48,000 BTU, the side burner; 12,500, and the rear having ceramic infrared burner of up to 13,500 BTU. These burners ensure that the meal prepared on the grill gets done in no time.

Furthermore, the control knobs of the burners have an iglow backlit feature that makes it easier to see when cooking in the dark. This appliance also has a cooking area of 815 square inches which means there is more than enough space to have your meal cooked. In addition, it has shelves with tool hooks and condiment holders. Not only that, but it also adorns an integrated ice/marinade bucket.

Cleaning of this grill is also made easy because of its removable drip pan. Another good thing about this product is its jet fire electronic ignition system that makes it easy to light up the grill at any time. For ease of cooking, the grill also comes with a cutting board which allows you to do almost all the cooking process on it.

This grill has an Accu-Probe temperature gauge that allows the user to keep a check on the temperature of the grill to avoid burning of the meal. It also comes with wheels that allow for easy movement of the grill. Finally, the stainless steel sear plates are known to control flare-ups which improve the safety during use.



36,000 BTU

Dual-Tube Burners

5 Burners

Cast Iron Grids

Total Cooking Space

805 Square Inches

Primary Cooking Space

555 Square Inches

Side Burner

Side Burner

Rotisserie Burner

Electronic Iginition

Fold-Down Shelves

Locking Casters

Colors Available

Black & Stainless Steel


154 pounds

Pros and Cons

The Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill is a fantastic option for those that forgo cost for convenience. This appliance is very durable and the confidence in the sturdy build by the supplier is shown by the 15-year warranty slapped on the product. An interesting pro of this grill is the fact that the exterior is made out of quality stainless steel with little to zero chance of rusting. Furthermore, this product has an electronic ignition system that works for a very long time.

Often times than not, when a product has pros, there are bound to be a few negatives about it. In the case of the Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill, its con is that the interior shelves tend to get rusted with time. Additionally, this appliance does not come assembled and you have to go through the stress of assembling it yourself.

The Bottom Line

With the Napoleon LEX485RSIBPSS Propane Gas Grill, you are assured of preparing your favorite meals easily on a shining gas grill with a large cooking area. The temperature gauge it has also ensured accurate reading of temperature from the grill. The grill assures all-around quality and very few people that use this appliance will question its quality.